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BIC Core Personnel

  • Rita Z. Goldstein, PhD, a Professor of Psychiatry with a secondary appointment in the Department of Neuroscience at ISMMS, is Chief of BIC, overseeing the optimized research use and development of ISMMS’s state-of-the-art brain imaging tools.(details)
  • Junqian (Gordon) Xu, PhD MRI technical development and application, inclusive of fMRI and dMRI in the CNS, with a particular focus on optimizing the HCP-style acquisition protocols. (details)
  • Rafael O’Halloran, PhD, Chief of BIC’s Image Acquisition Core (ACQUIRE), with a major role in the development and application of novel MRI acquisition, reconstruction and pre- and post-processing methods, and a focus on novel high-resolution dMRI. (details)
  • Prantik Kundu, PhD, Chief of BIC’s Image Analysis Core (ANALYZE), with a major role in the development of centralized, standardized and robust neuroimaging analysis workflows to host a library of high-quality (and up-to-date) image analysis pipelines. (details)
  • Lazar Fleysher, PhD, Chief of BIC’s Hardware and High Field Core (HIGH FIELD), with a major role in the daily operations, user training, and experimental setup of the fMRI peripherals for human systems and technical management of the 9.4T and 7T Bruker MRI systems. (details)
  • Priti Balchandani, PhD, Director of the High Field MRI Program at the Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Her research is focused on novel RF pulse and pulse sequence design for human MR imaging and spectroscopy. (details)
  • Paula Croxson PhD, Magnetic resonance imaging in animal models of brain region networks and changes in structure, function and connections using combinations of behavioral assessments. (details)
  • Chen Yang, MSc, Senior Programmer Analyst developing, customizing, deploying, and maintaining BIC’s and TMII’s XNAT neuroimaging repository and management system. (email)

BIC Administrative Personnel:

  • Tom Maloney, PhD provides ongoing coordination and management of all BIC-contributing studies, advises on and directs database development for optimization and integration with user, collaborator and host institution data needs. (email)
  • (TBD), Senior Clinical Research Coordinator/Recruitment Specialist develops, utilizes, manages and maintains contact networks with outside collaborative partnerships/entities to assist BIC researchers in subject recruitment efforts.
  • Anita Kalaj, MA, Clinical Research Coordinator initiates and oversees communications, seminars, meetings and other forums of knowledge dissemination. (email)

BIC Scientific Steering Committee:

Nelly Alia-Klein Ph.D. (details)
Yasmin L Hurd Ph.D. (details)
Kristina Simonyan MD, Ph.D. (details)
Sophia Frangou MD, Ph.D. (details)
Matthew Shapiro Ph.D. (details)
Cheuk Ying Tang Ph.D. (details)


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